Programs supporting Education

School fees

Through generous donations we have paid school fees to send numerous poor orphans and street children to school.

Scholastic Materials

A donation of over 5000 pencils and thousands of rulers, crayons, magazines and books have been distributed to impoverished children all over Uganda and Rwanda.


Beach days

Through a private donation specifically designated for a children's fun day, we were able to support 4 beach days which have seen over 450 underprivileged kids have the ability to be kids for one day without worries of hunger, war, and struggles of raising their younger siblings. Many of the kids had never even seen a lake or had the opportunity to swim before and after we had bonfires where we sang, danced and played music all night.  this past year for 2015 we took 30 impoverished children from a football team in an inner city slum to watch the CHAN Qualifiers 2016 match Uganda VS Tanzania at the Stadium in Kampala, Uganda.  It was so much fun to see the excitement on their faces as they had never seen the game played live at a national level before.  

Extra curricular activities

By keeping impoverished children engaged they build friendships, self-esteem and are more likely to stay out of trouble and lead more positive productive lives.

We support after school programs which include dance, singing and making crafts to sell to generate income which helps pay their school fees and keeps them in school. We also had our first ever, and hope to be annual school talent show which saw members in the community come to watch the children perform in various talents such spelling bees, reading, drawing, dancing, singing, and skits.