Vegetable garden

various vegetables

Seed packages were distributed to poverty-stricken villagers. They grow small gardens to feed their families as well as selling the extra for profit in the local markets.


Pig/Goat/sheep/bee projects

An income generating pig project was implemented at a primary school/orphanage in Uganada.  Proceeds from pig sales go towards school fees and general care for the impoverished children there.  

An income generating goat project was implemented in two villages in Uganda in July of 2014 to help support 34 impoverished orphans and vulnerable children. Each beneficiary received 1 male and 1 female goat as well as training on how to breed the goats and care for them.  All the females have produced and most are pregnant again a year later.

In 2016, An income generating sheep project was implemented in an impoverished village in North Eastern Uganda. Seeds trained forty villagers in sheep breeding and management and now a year later these families have been able to sell sheep and pay for school fees for their children and provide them with the basic essentials of life.

This past July 2017, Seeds trained forty impoverished villages in bee keeping in a new village in North Eastern Uganda.   Honey will soon be generating an income to help these villagers support their families.  


Mango tree/Pineapple project

We have implemented income generating crop projects in villages in Uganda to supply an income for impoverished villagers so they are able to care and provide for their families. Each beneficiary receives training on how to plant, manage, and harvest the crops.